Juillys.jpgSAINT-VERAN Clos de Juillys: This Saint-Véran, a Burgundy Cru, wears a crystalline robe and gives off aromas of dried fruit and lime.  It is a dry, tender wine that goes really well with hors d'oeuvres, delicatessen meats, oysters, shellfish and white meat.  We also recommend it as an apératif.

St_Veran_VV_dore.jpgSAINT-VERAN Vieilles Vignes : 50% aged in oak barrel, Saint-Véran Vieilles Vignes is a rich, rounded and developed wine with secondary aromas.  It may be aged for 4-6 years.  Vieilles Vignes is an authentic expression of the winegrowing region of Leynes, Southern Burgundy.

St_Veran_Faux_doree.jpgSAINT-VERAN En Faux : Aged in oak barrel, En Faux is a rounded, generous and full-bodied white wine with fruit aromas of apricot and honey, produced from a 60 year old vineyard.  The wine may be aged for 4-6 years.

St_Veran_Spires_dore.jpgSAINT-VERAN Les Spires : Aged in oak barrel, Les Spires has a floral and exotic fruit aromas that flow out of its luminous golden robe.  In the mouth, it has an oaky aroma with warm vanilla flavor as the taste developes.  Les Spires is produced from a 65 year old vineyard, just behind the estate.

Brg_Chard_Correaux_bis.jpgBOURGOGNE Chardonnay Blanc: Grown from a 30 year old vineyard and planted on Jurassic chalk-clay soil, this wine is tender and well-rounded.  It is to be served as an apéritif or with starters, delicatessen meats, fish, white meats and cheese.

B.V.Correaux.jpg.jpgBEAUJOLAIS-VILLAGES : Beaujolais-Villages is a fruity and slightly spiced wine.  Enjoy with savory dishes as well as smooth cheeses.  A great table wine for any ocassion.

Leynes.jpgLEYNES Vieilles Vignes : Aged in oak barrel, the robe of this wine is deep ruby with fruit aromas (strawberry, kirsch, peach) in the first two years.  With time, the aromas and flavors of the Leynes region come through more powerfully with complex aromatic nuances.  The wine can be enjoyed with cooked dishes.

BGO_Correaux.jpgBOURGOGNE GRAND ORDINAIRE : This red Burgundy wine is produced from a 20 to 50 year-old vineyard.  It is a simple, convivial wine, aromatic and well-balanced.  Its finesse and structure make it an elegant wine.  It is a pleasure to drink with barbecues and cheeses.

Corail_rose.jpgCORAIL Rosé : Corail rosé is a light and cheery wine, with intensive aromas like blackcurrant.  The first taste is deeply intense, similar to the smell.  The secondary taste is ample, fresh and harmonious, which makes it a pleasur to drink, especially in the summer.

Corail_brut.jpgCORAIL Rosé Brut : Brut rosé is a simple and festive wine.  Its fruity and slight aromas are reinforced with its delicate bubbles.  It tastes very fresh and is simply elegant.

Insolite.jpgCORAIL Insolite : Corail Insolite is a very special wine.  The aromas are of citrus and candied fruits, as well as honey hints.  It is very rich and rounded but it stays elegant and vivid, giving a volumptuous balance of vanilla and exotic fruit accents.